Carol Appel
Pilates Director, Pilates Method Alliance Gold-Certified Teacher

Originally from Texas, Carol studied Royal Ballet technique in El Paso and Los Angeles from an early age. After earning a Bachelor’s degree from UCLA, Carol pursued a dance career in New York City, studying under some of the dance world’s greatest luminary figures. An old knee injury prompted her to seek out The Pilates Studio. In 1982, Carol began apprenticing under Romana Kryzanowska, a master teacher personally trained by Joseph Pilates. She continued as a teacher there for over five years.

From 1990-2005, Carol pioneered the high-volume, full-service Pilates model within a health club setting. She lowered the barriers, making Pilates training more accessible, yet retaining the original principles, technique and mythology that make this work so timeless. A well-known and highly regarded Pilates practitioner in Northern California, Carol is embraced by many as a “teacher’s teacher.” Her teacher training program has been a source for instructors throughout the states and overseas. She has worked with doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors, developing therapeutic exercise programs.

Known for a warm and engaging manner, she also guest teaches, consults, and lectures on the business of Pilates. Carol served on the Board of Directors of the Pilates Method Alliance, an international not-for-profit Pilates professional association, dedicated to protecting consumers through the establishment of professional testing and continuing education standards for the Pilates professional.

Carol has trained many celebrities over the years. Her high caliber training has been highlighted in international, national and regional publications. 707 789-9898, ext 49


Pilates Teacher

Originally from England, Jacqueline trained at the Royal Ballet School in London from 1968-1978. She danced professionally for 10 years. She holds black belts in Taekwondo and taught from 2002-2004. In 2001, Jacquie certified as a Massage Therapist. She began her Pilates training in 2003, earning a Mat Certification in 2003 followed by Reformer Certification in 2005, and a comprehensive Pilates Certificate program under Carol Appel in 2005. She began working at Carol Appel Pilates Plus Studio in 2007 and has been teaching alongside Carol for eight years. 707 228-8601


Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. Certified Pilates Reformer Trainer. Certified Group Fitness, Mat Pilates, and Indoor Cycling Instructor

Sonya joined the instructor team at Petaluma Valley Athletic Club in 2000. She has over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry as a fitness company owner, personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and fitness instructor.

Sonya was trained in classical ballet through the Royal Academy of Dance under the direction of Dame Margot Fonteyn founded in London, England. She began her training in San Francisco in 1966. She was selected to join the San Francisco Ballet Company in 1979 but opted to pursue a college education in the sciences instead.

Dance left an indelible mark on her soul and the discipline of training made fitness and health a lifelong devotion. The transition to teach Pilates was natural and seamless. Sonya started the Pilates program at PVAC in October of 2008 and joined Carol Appel’s studio in 2012 gaining an honored colleague and cherished friend.

Sonya has competed in numerous triathlons and adventure races in Northern California. She has been the Fitness Director for PVAC since February 2005.

“Personal fitness is a balance that exists between mind, body, and soul. Optimal health happens when all three thrive in harmony. The journey to find this balance is ongoing and, regardless of our age, the process gives us the opportunity to continually grow and learn.” 707 695-9449

Florence Shields
Pilates Instructor

Flo has been a Pilates teacher for 17 years, originally trained by Carol Appel. She worked at Mill Valley Health Club and Spa as Assistant Pilates Director from 1999-2010. She also has taught at Park Point Health Club in Sonoma for seven years. She teaches Pilates mat classes throughout Sonoma County. Flo brings theatre and dance experience from her scholarship days at H.B. Studios in NYC between 1965-1973. She particularly brings wisdom and first-hand experience of utilizing Pilates to rehabilitate orthopedic injuries and to recover from surgeries. Flo’s vision for fitness: Pilates will give you a healthier mind & body. The work strengthens your core & maintains a healthy spine – giving you freedom, strength, grace & flexibility.

Please contact Flo for a FREE lesson & see for yourself. 707 695-9449