Testimonials from our Ultimate Resolutions program

“I had previously participated in Resolutions and knew I wanted to get back to it again. However, I had not exercised in almost 2 years due to a back injury and was very hesitant to start again. Additionally, I had gained over 30 pounds during that time. Charlotte immediately brought me back to paying attention to my diet at our first meeting-I was connected to a friend again who is supportive of my goal, and even better, a cheerleader.  Sonya modified many of my exercises so that I began to move again. Within weeks, I was losing weight and able to perform more and more exercises. Today, I perform all of the same class exercises without pain. Additionally, I exercise on my own 2-3 more days per week. Both Charlotte and Sonya have a unique ability to encourage and even push you, yet are cognizant of when you have reached your limit. The combination of the two of them as coaches for a healthy lifestyle is superb!” – A.C.

“I loved the comradery that developed with the group. We were all rooting for each other. I loved Charlotte’s enthusiasm and repeated “never give up, don’t beat yourself up” attitude. Charlotte, you are inspirational! The workout sessions exceeded my expectations. Sonya pushed me harder than I could have pushed myself and never apologized for pushing the envelope when things were hard. You are awesome, Sonya!” – D.K.

“Charlotte and Sonya have put together a really great program with Ultimate Resolutions. I feel the mix of the nutrition class and the 2 weekly workouts is a key component to participants being successful. Anytime I had a question or concern, I knew Charlotte and/or Sonya would address my question/problem in a very informative and professional manner. Thank you both, Charlotte and Sonya for your time and dedication to helping all of us achieve our weight loss goals and getting us to a more fit and healthier place in our lives.” – J.C.

“I really enjoyed meeting people and getting to know people who have the same challenges as me. I loved the accountability factor and having regular training sessions. The workout sessions exceeded my expectations. Sonya is extremely knowledgeable and taught me so many things about exercise and training. Both Charlotte and Sonya are very attentive, responsive, supportive and informative. Charlotte and Sonya are very good at what they do and have made a significant impact on my life.” – L.M.

“I highly recommend the Ultimate Resolutions Program. Understanding nutrition and learning proper exercise with guidance from your instructors is priceless and highly beneficial to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.” – C.C.

“Charlotte’s knowledge was spot on with nutritional information. She gave us encouragement and focus. The workouts were the best. Sonya was very informative about teaching us how to follow an exercise program and how important both aerobics and strength training are to your total fitness. I am stronger and more confident with using weights, etc. I have a nutrition background and it is my profession. But with my knowledge, I still was not able to lose weight but the Ultimate Resolutions program gave me the tools to obtain my goal. Thanks Charlotte and Sonya.” – S.H.