Weight Loss Program – Details

Comprehensive nutrition, motivation & fitness training program.

PhotoTwoExciting news!  We have combined all of our weight loss programs (our successful Ultimate Resolutions program and Biggest Loser) into the new PVAC Health and Wellness Program, an all-in-one comprehensive diet, exercise and motivational training program for weight loss solutions.

Achieve fitness by incorporating diet and exercise together, a proven combination to bring lasting results. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”- Fred DeVito

Nutrition Meetings: 1 hour once a week
Motivational Meetings: 1 hour once a week
Two Weekly Workouts With Trainer
Members – $40/week,
No refunds.




Who can benefit from PVAC Health and Wellness Program?

This program is for everyone who has tried to lose weight, establish an exercise program or remain motivated with exercising but has been unsuccessful with long-term success. It is an educational and challenging exercise program that empowers each individual to embrace a healthier, active lifestyle and sustain it for life.

What can I eat in PVAC Health and Wellness Program?

There are NO foods that are off limits. Instead, participants learn to make the right food choices that support healthy nutrition without feeling deprived. The food selections made are ones that can be maintained for life. Small steps lead to great results!

What will I learn with PVAC Health and Wellness Program?

You will learn proven techniques that will help you reach your goals and lead to weight loss success. Instead of “living to eat” learn how to “eat to live”. Techniques learned include:

  • Identify and control emotional eating.
  • Develop a positive approach towards weight loss and exercise.
  • Learn proven techniques that will help you reach your nutrition and fitness goals, leading to weight loss and fitness success.
  • Survive special events and holidays without depriving yourself or feeling guilty.
  • Learn how to properly exercise your whole body in one, comprehensive hour to enable you to establish your own exercise regime that targets cardio, core exercises and interval strength training. Test yourself with exercise challenges and new routines. Create a consistent, challenging, motivating exercise routine for you!
  • Overcome the anxiety of the dreaded “Scale monster” and conquer the fear of exercise and exercise equipment. Learn how to step outside of your comfort zone and participate in exciting challenging exercise routines that will help you achieve the results you desire. “Discipline weighs an ounce; regret weighs a ton.”
    Participants learn how to incorporate THREE major successful concepts:
  • Make better choices.
  • Choose food wisely.
  • Commit to consistent exercise.

How often will we meet for PVAC Health and Wellness Program?

There are four meetings weekly; a one hour nutrition meeting, a one-hour motivational training class and two one-hour small group workouts with a trainer.

Will I have to weigh-in?

Participants weigh in weekly and keep daily food journals.

What support will I have with PVAC Health and Wellness Program?

Besides the weekly meetings and workout sessions, individual support, whenever you need it, is available from the instructors, Charlotte Klein, Jamie Perry and Sonya van Ommeren-Akelman by e-mail or phone for questions or problems.


Don’t wait! Take that first step now towards your goal! Be the best version of YOU! Believe in your ability to succeed!