AJ Maldonado
“It feels like I have been teaching Group Exercise for 150 years!” AJ teaches Spinning, Pilates, Bootcamp, Stone-throwing, Cow-chip tossing, Kickboxing. He is a Personal Trainer specializing in Injury Rehab. He is also a Rehab Therapist and focuses on hip, knee and shoulder replacements. AJ get patients back to a functional life. AJ is also a Certified Massage Therapist and Active Isolated Therapist.

Carol Appel
Pilates Director

Originally from Texas, Carol studied Royal Ballet technique in El Paso and Los Angeles from an early age. After earning a Bachelor’s degree from UCLA, Carol pursued a dance career in New York City, studying under some of the dance world’s greatest luminary figures. An old knee injury prompted her to seek out The Pilates Studio. In 1982, Carol began apprenticing under Romana Kryzanowska, a master teacher personally trained by Joseph Pilates. She continued as a teacher there for over five years. From 1990-2005, Carol pioneered the high-volume, full-service Pilates model within a health club setting. A well-known and highly regarded Pilates practitioner in Northern California, Carol’s teacher training program has been a source for instructors throughout the states and overseas. She has worked with doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors, developing therapeutic exercise programs.

Known for a warm and engaging manner, she also guest teaches, consults, and lectures on the business of Pilates. Carol served on the Board of Directors of the Pilates Method Alliance, an international not-for-profit Pilates professional association, dedicated to protecting consumers through the establishment of professional testing and continuing education standards for the Pilates professional. Carol has trained many celebrities over the years. Her high caliber training has been highlighted in numerous international, national and regional publications.

Daniel Alva
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Elise Moseley
Elise Moseley is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor and is one of the first graduates of Santa Rosa Junior College’s Fitness, Nutrition, and Health Program. She was a figure skater for 15 years, and in that time competed on a national and international level. She also coached young kids learning to skate everything from the basics to advanced movements. With this background, physical activity has always been a rich part of Elise’s life. Her goal as an instructor is to make exercise enjoyable and exciting and her history in coaching has given her the ability to help modify any movements to make them accessible and safe for participants of any ability. Her group classes are efficient, challenging for multi-level participants, and most importantly, fun!

Erin Devincenzi
Erin Devincenzi taught elementary school for 11 years before building a career as a fitness instructor/coach and she is also the Program Director for Girls on the Run Sonoma County. She is a certified USA Triathlon Coach and Spin instructor. She discovered Spin classes while training for marathons and triathlons. She has been teaching cycling classes at Petaluma Valley Athletic Club since 2009 and was the Coach of Petaluma Valley Athletic Club’s first Triathlon Club. She enjoys getting to know the members at the Club and helping them get hooked on indoor cycling. Indoor cycling improves outdoor cycling and helps members cross train and stay fit for all other aspects of life while having lots of fun!

Jacqueline McNeil
Pilates Teacher

Originally from England, Jacqueline trained at the Royal Ballet School in London from 1968-1978. She danced professionally for 10 years. She holds black belts in Taekwando, and taught from 2002-2004. In 2001, Jacquie certified as a Massage Therapist. She began her Pilates training in 2003, earning a Mat Certification in 2003 followed by Reformer Certification in 2005, and a comprehensive Pilates Certificate program under Carol Appel in 2005. She began working at Carol Appel Pilates Plus Studio in 2007, and has been teaching alongside Carol for eight years.

Janet Alexander
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Jessica Moller
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Julie Nicholsen
Julie has over 20 years of work experience, as a project manager, business development manager, consultant, and most recently, an elementary school teacher. She loves to travel, having been to Europe, Israel, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. Julie has been a fitness enthusiast all her life, playing softball and tennis while growing up, and recently completed two Olympic distance triathlons. She and her husband Tom did a fair amount of road biking before having kids, including a Vermont bike tour and a 450-mile cycle trip across Oregon. She also has a passion for cooking and entertaining, pairing good food and wine.

Kristina Hoffman
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Laura Sunday
AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Laura has spent most Sunday afternoons since 1998 dancing on her roller-skates in Golden Gate Park. She choreographs dance routines for the rollerskaters and teaches rollerdancing to anyone with a pair of skates who wishes to learn. Laura has brought her unique and original choreography and dance styles to PVAC members since 2008 in a variety of urban funk dance classes, and in her all-around fitness class called “20-20-20”.

Check out dozens of her dances on her instructional dance channel by searching on You Tube “Laura Sunday Dance Exercise”. Laura firmly believes that anyone can learn these steps, movements and dances with a little practice and repetition. You’ll often see her in the dressing room or after class going over a dance step with a member who asked for a little extra help with a tricky move. Sometimes that’s all it takes. With almost 100 dances so far in her repertoire, you’ll never get bored with this workout for your mind and body.

Mara Yetter
Mara began teaching basic and adaptive yoga at PVAC in 2001. Beyond two 500-hour teacher trainings and numerous specialized yoga trainings, she applies her life-long study of anatomy, somatic patterning and kinesiology to teaching yoga. Based upon the integrative style of T.K.V. Desikachar, emphasis is on cultivation of internal sensing. Mara’s class starts gently with warm-up sets, followed by a series of poses, to promote balance and strength. Students develop anatomical self-assessment skills for making appropriate adjustments and modifying poses to suit individual needs.

Natasha Raymond
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Rhonda Lee
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Rick Krist
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Ruth Persselin
Ruth has taught aquatic exercise classes at PVAC since 2006 and is a certified member of the Aquatic Exercise Association. She enjoys incorporating land based interests such as yoga, pilates, aikido, and deep stretching into class routines. PVAC water classes are a great place to have fun while exercising in a safe, low-impact manner leaving you refreshed and invigorated.

Sonya van Ommeren-Akelman
PVAC Fitness Director / Certified Personal Fitness Trainer / Certified Pilates Reformer Trainer / Group Fitness, Mat Pilates, and Indoor Cycling Instructor

Sonya joined the instructor team at Petaluma Valley Athletic Club over five years ago. She has over 20 years of experience as a corporate business woman, aerobics and fitness instructor, and fitness company owner. She developed and implemented fitness program profiles for communities and Air Force Bases in Massachusetts, Texas, and California. Sonya has competed in numerous triathlons and adventure races in Northern California, placing first and second in her age group and gender. Sonya has worked as Fitness Director for PVAC since February 2005.

“Personal fitness is a balance that exists between mind, body, and soul. Optimal health happens when all three thrive in harmony. The journey to find this balance is ongoing and, regardless of our age, the process gives us the opportunity to continually grow and learn.”

Susie McLoughlin
Susie McLoughlin, MA, CMT, has been in the wellness industry for over 2 decades. Being severely asthmatic as a child ultimately ignited an interest in pursuing a career in fitness and wellness. Susie began teaching aerobics in the early 90’s, which led to teaching Step, Bootcamp and Spinning. In 2000, she discovered the Pilates Method and has been teaching Pilates Mat classes ever since. Susie has Pilates training from the Physical Mind Institute, Balanced Body University and Pilates Academy International. Aside from Mat work, she has training on the Reformer. In addition, a Master’s Degree in Health Education and Somatics inspired Susie to teach the Pilates Method.

Susie enjoys teaching Pilates because it is mindful, rehabilitative and encourages a positive image. “I have watched women relax, and develop a new relationship with their bodies; this enhances the mind, body and spirit connection.” She is also a California State Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) and holistic educator. Susie lives with her husband and daughter in Petaluma.