PETALUMA VALLEY SWIM SCHOOL at Petaluma Valley Athletic Club emphasizes water safety and encourages skills development by providing effective awards of achievement as the junior swimmer advances their skills!

Beginning swimmers are grouped into different levels (Sea Animal levels) according to swimming ability. Students are provided opportunities to advance levels by meeting specific water safety, and skill requirements. Intermediate swimmers can continue to refine their skills in Wave Rider Stroke School. At this level, drills are used to teach and reinforce proper stroke techniques including balance and rotation, pulling, kicking, breathing and timing. At every level, swimmers are awarded colorful patches that highlight each level of achievement and can be proudly displayed on each junior swimmer’s Petaluma Valley Swim School Tote (provided to each junior swimmer on first day of class).


Note: There are No Refunds for missed classes for Private and Group Lessons.

Questions about Petaluma Valley Swim School? Contact our Aquatics Supervisor,

Private Swim Lessons

Lessons are available by appointment year round. Adult and youth swim lessons emphasize water safety while encouraging stroke development.

SINGLE (30 minute lessons) – $45 Member / $50 Guest
6-PACK (30 minute lessons) – $225 Member / $250 Guest *GET 1 FREE*

Group Swim Lessons

Note: Classes not meeting minimum enrollment may be combined or cancelled.

TINY TURTLES ( Ages 6 months to 3 years )

JUNE 4 – June 25 / JULY 2 – JULY 23 / AUG 6 – AUG 27
( 4-Class Sessions ) : Saturdays 11:00am or 11:30am

$45 per session ( $55 Guests )




JUNE 6 – AUG 12 ( Weekly Sessions ) : Monday – Friday ( 30-minute lessons )

TURTLES : 10am / 10:30am / 12pm / 4:30pm
FROGS : 10am / 10:30am / 12:30pm / 5pm
OTTERS : 9:30am / 10:30am / 12:00pm / 5:30pm
DOLPHINS : 9:30am / 10:30am / 12pm / 4:30pm
SHARKS : 9:30am / 10am / 12:30pm / 5pm
WAVE RIDERS : 9:30am / 10am / 12:30pm / 5:30pm

$55 per week ( $65 Guests )



Swim Levels

TINY TURTLES ( Ages 8 months to 3 years )

Tiny Turtles provides an early introduction to swimming for ages 6 months to 3 years. The course is directed towards improving the child’s comfort level in water while training parents in water safety and drowning prevention. Parents are taught how to work with their own child on water adjustment and basic swimming skills. One parent or guardian must be in the water with each child. Swim Diapers required.


For the child who is afraid of water, cannot swim, or will not get face wet.
Completion Skills:
• Turtles always ask permission before getting in the water.
• Turtles can fully submerge head for 3 seconds.


For the child who will fully submerge for 3 seconds.
Completion Skills:
• Frogs can float on their back and kick 15 feet while wearing a lifejacket
• Frogs can front glide independently for 5 seconds.


For the child who can front glide without assistance.
Completion Skills:
• Otters can jump in, submerge, recover for air, front streamline with kick for 10 ft.
• Otters can back glide 5 seconds.


For the child who can swim underwater or on surface for 10 feet and back glide 5 seconds.
Completion Skills:
• Dolphins can tread water for 15 seconds.
• Dolphins jump in, submerge, move forward 15 feet with combined arm and leg action, roll to back to rest and breathe, and return to the wall.

For the child who can tread water for 15 seconds, can swim freestyle with some rotation for 15 feet.
Completion Skills:
• Sharks can survival float and/or tread water for 1 minute.
• Sharks swim freestyle 20 yards with a rhythmic breathing pattern.


For the junior swimmer who has achieved the highest level color patch, “Green Shark”, or meets skills requirement, and is ready to develop freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and/or butterfly strokes.