Petaluma Valley Athletic Club has brought together an experienced team of Personal Trainers dedicated to developing individual fitness programs that are proven to deliver results.

Each of our personal trainers is equipped with the professional knowledge and practical expertise to help you meet your goals, whether these are measured in pounds and inches or how you feel. When you train with Petaluma Valley Athletic Club, you train for life.

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Our Team


Fitness Director
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
Certified Pilates Reformer Trainer
Group Fitness, Mat Pilates, and Indoor Cycling Instructor
Bachelor of Science, Biology and Chemistry (1989)
Master of Science, Healthcare/Research Administration (1991)

Sonya joined the instructor team at Petaluma Valley Athletic Club in 2000. She has over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry as a fitness company owner, personal trainer, pilates instructor, and fitness instructor. She has developed and implemented fitness program profiles for communities and Air Force Bases in Massachusetts, Texas, and California.

With Sonya expect the ability to get real and efficient results.  She’s helped many people completely change their lives by transforming their body and overall wellness.  She’s worked with clients of all ages, both men and women alike.  Workouts are designed and customized to fit your schedule, areas of focus, and desired goals in order to reach your ideal fitness level.  Training programs include variations of strength and resistance exercises, core and balance, interval training, flexibility, endurance, plyometrics, and various other training techniques to ensure you remain challenged and immersed in your workouts.

Sonya has competed in numerous triathlons and adventure races in Northern California. She has been the Fitness Director for PVAC since February 2005.

“Personal fitness is a balance that exists between mind, body, and soul.   Optimal health happens when all three thrive in harmony.  The journey to find this balance is ongoing and, regardless of our age, the process gives us the opportunity to continually grow and learn.”

office: 707.658.2384
cell: 707.695.9449

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer
Losin’ It with Jen Director

Jennifer’s goal is to help you learn what is necessary to improve your quality of life. She combines healthy eating and proper form with exercise techniques to maximize your results. She specializes in weight loss by using strength training, core conditioning, cardio, balance and flexibility.

She will help you find enjoyment incorporating what you learn into a lasting lifestyle. She understands what is necessary not only physically but also mentally and emotionally to help you reach your goals and learn the tools for sustainable and lasting results.

Jennifer has lost nearly 70 pounds the healthy way, by combining exercise, body movement and healthful eating. She is motivated and passionate about teaching others from her own experience. Jennifer is committed and ready to give you the personal attention you need to help you reach your full potential.


cell: 415.302.6184

NASM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
Certified TRX, Kettlebell, Reiki,  and Weightlifting Trainer
Certified Pilates Reformer Trainer

“Results…safety…and fun! The three things that you want in a personal trainer, all wrapped in one. Are you bored with your workout? Disengaged? Not coming to the gym enough to see results and getting discouraged? That is exactly what I am here for. Armed with 15 years of experience and just about every certification and training modality imaginable with a thorough knowledge of body work, intuitive counseling and holistic wellness, I am not just a personal trainer. I have the skills necessary to help you break through the things that are holding you back in life. The kind of transformation that is truly mind, body and spirit. Train with me and let’s be the best we can be!”

As a teenager, Colin struggled with weight issues. Fed up with being overweight, he changed his diet and made exercise a daily routine. Colin was able to shed the weight and keep it off. He became a trainer to help inspire others to do the same. Colin believes in the philosophy of balanced fitness, and carries this into his training sessions to help you not only achieve your wellness goals but also to maintain them.

cell: 707.776.7045

NASM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist

Vic is a certified rehabilitative exercise specialist and personal trainer who has studied under Meir Schneider, PhD, LMT. Meir runs the SF School for Self-Healing and his world renowned method of rehabilitation has helped many people overcome various chronic and debilitating injuries.

Vic specializes in functional movement and strength training, rehabilitation, and natural vision improvement.

Functional training consists of training movement patterns, not just muscles. This includes challenging the nervous system by training postural muscles, improving how you muscles work together, making you aware of muscles you never knew you had, and getting you to use them properly. Once functional, there is no limit to the array of opportunities available to you.

Vic has been certified through the International Sports Sciences Association, Baylor Sports Medicine, Chek Institute, and is now certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

cell: 707.480.1819

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Mat Pilates Instructor (Physical Mind Institute)
Reformer I Certified (Balanced Body University)
Certified Above the Barre Instructor
CA. State Certified Massage Practitioner

Susie began her journey in the fitness industry in 1993 as a group exercise instructor. She instructed in multiple disciplines including Boot camp, Step, Cardio Dance, Yoga, Mat Pilates and Barre-Based Fitness classes, as well as teaching stress-reduction workshops to women using holistic modalities.

Becoming a personal trainer was a natural evolution for Susie as she began to notice postural imbalances with her massage clients. As a personal trainer, Susie specializes in core training, addressing postural imbalances and building strength around these areas, flexibility, nutrition, and women’s wellness and lifestyle guidance. Susie includes somatic techniques for chronic and acute injuries within the training protocol, which she learned while in graduate school at John F. Kennedy University. She is passionate about helping others find health and happiness through fitness and movement.

“Fitness is a journey, not only in finding physical strength, but also in finding one’s own personal power in the process.”

cell: 707.695.7518

Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Certified Pilates Mat Instructor
AIS Stretching Technician

Jessica specializes in developing core strength and stability, flexibility and functional training, improving posture and body awareness, body sculpting and weight management. She draws from her extensive experience as a professional performer, dancer, body builder and personal trainer. Jessica combines this with her expertise in yoga, Pilates and strength training to cultivate functional strength and balance in her programs.

Jessica creates a safe place where people feel free to explore and experience their bodies. She gives them the freedom to feel, the freedom to express and the freedom to experience. Her gentle compassion coaxes them toward healthier more positive ways of thinking, living and caring for their bodies.

Jessica works with each individual at his or her own level of fitness and understanding, to enhance strength, endurance, awareness and flexibility. Together she strives with them to integrate where they are with where they want to be, to find the optimum level of living their physical bodies are capable of.

“My intention is that each and every one should reach his or her own personal goals, whether they be to stand up straight, have more energy, less stress or less pain, reach optimum performance levels in a sport, lose weight, be more flexible and agile, or to look and feel better. My wish is that each individual finds contentment and happiness with their own perfect balance between mind, body and spirit.”

cell: 707.703.4367


Teaching Credential 2005
USPTA Certified Professional 2013
Cardio Tennis Certified
TRX Tennis Certified

Mark taught for Petaluma City Schools at the junior high and high school levels, focusing on physical education, pre-algebra/algebra, social studies and automotive technology. He has extensive experience in junior high, high school, and collegiate coaching, specifically volleyball for Kenilworth, high school basketball and tennis for Casa Grande, and college basketball for Dominican University.

Mark is one of our on staff tennis instructors at PVAC. He provides private instruction, group instruction, as well as assisting with the junior tennis program.

Mark’s personal interests include playing tennis, mountain and road biking, as well as paddling in his kayak on Tomales Bay.

“I have learned through my teaching and coaching experience that people need the proper balance of knowledge and motivation to achieve their personal goals. By getting to know the client on a personal level, I can create an exercise prescription to meet their individual needs and achieve their personal goals.”